I am a doctoral-level clinical psychologist, providing psychoanalytic and psychodynamic treatments to adolescents and adults. I believe in an insight-oriented approach to treatment where our goal together will be to better understand your current symptomatology in light of past experiences, childhood narratives, and family dynamics.


Many times, people find themselves repeating problematic patterns or feeling frustrated with their direction in life. We will work together to help determine the causes of your struggles, many of which often have multiple origins and are out of your awareness. We will have the opportunity to understand yourself on a deeper and more meaningful level, recognize how past experiences may impact your current life circumstances, and free yourself of unnecessary emotional burdens in order to make healthy changes.


I work with a myriad of patients with depression, anxiety, trauma, and interpersonal conflicts. My specific areas of specialization include adjustment to life changes (parenthood, marital status changes, childrearing, retirement, etc.), women’s issues (infertility, miscarriage, postpartum complications, menopause, etc.), transition to adulthood (emerging adults), and adolescent/parent relational problems.


I graduated from the University of Detroit-Mercy with a PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2010. I have advanced training through the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute where I currently am training to be a psychoanalyst. I also provide supervision and consultation for other colleagues in the mental health professions.

About Kristen Beesley, PhD, LP

Dr. Kristen Beesley
Serving patients struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma and interpersonal conflicts. Specialized areas of support and care: adjustment to life changes, women’s issues, transition to adulthood and adolescent/parent relationship challenges.